Advanced JavaScript

Thursday 22 March 2018

  • 09:30-17:30
  • The King's Centre, Oxford

This training course, led by expert tutor Tim Ruffles, will demystify the inner workings of the JS language and execution model, before developing advanced skills. It delivers the knowledge required for developers to make effective use of JS on the backend with Node, or on the front-end with frameworks.

The class is exercise-driven, so you’ll be writing code from the start.

  • Deep dive into core Javascript: scope, closures, functions
  • Data structures: objects, arrays, maps and sets
  • ES5/ES6/ES20xx
  • Avoiding gotchas
  • Module systems: CommonJS, ES6
  • Asynchronous code, call-stacks and the event loop
  • Handling async: async functions, promises and generators
  • Debugging skills
Tim Ruffles

Tim Ruffles

Systems Engineer - Cloudflare
Sold Out
£350 + VAT

About Tim Ruffles

Tim is a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, working on automatically optimising the billions of pages served by Cloudflare daily. He maintains the 'Javascript Garden' guide to JS, and organises FunctionalJS London. Most of his code is in JS, but he’s sorely tempted by OCaml.

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