• The King's Centre, Oxford
  • 22 Mar 2018

For even more in-depth learning, join us for a workshop the day before the conference. Each workshop is a full-day so you can only attend one.

Front-End Performance: Building Faster Websites

This full-day workshop with Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry will equip you with expert tools to dramatically improve the performance of your sites.

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Harry Roberts

Advanced JavaScript

It’s time to get your Javascript rock-solid. JS has been changing for the better at a frenetic rate, and we’re already thinking about ES2018! It’s a great time to take a deep dive into JS, whether your team is already writing JS or simply considering its adoption.

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Tim Ruffles

A Deep Dive Into React for Beginners

This workshop will introduce you to React and its fundamental concepts before diving into more advanced React concepts and when to use them.

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Jack Franklin

Sponsor Render 2018

We love working with our sponsors to come up with fun and creative ways to showcase your brand and add value for our attendees.

Please get in touch with Daisy Wort, Sponsorship Manager, to request a sponsor pack.


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